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Hi, my name is Francisco, and i am what is called a Unicorn, a type of person who defines better into jack-of-all-trades instead of the “T-shaped person” has almost become a cliché in recent years.

I am an ambitious Fullstack Web Developer with proven knowledge on Front-end and Back-end applications and Ux and UI Designer.

My international relations major, has triggered on me the interest of traveling, knowing and admiring the diversity of new cultures and learning on the field. Reason why I decided to take action to enrich myself exploring the world. I Actually know 5 languages, I have lived in two continents, I am deeply in love of arts, to know and work with people from different parts of the world.

I strongly believe it’s fundamental to evolve on what enriches you, and what is needed to improve the world. Reason why I decided to evolve my interest into UX/UI Design and Fullstack Web Development and been able to develop User Experience and Interface Design, been able to develop prototyping (Interaction Design) and to manage the new digital languages. A multidisciplinary offer that demonstrates that coding can be an art, fitting perfectly with my hard and soft skills and my interest of collaborating in a professional level in international environments.

Virtual Tour App for Weeding Planers

Website for finding cooking tutorials

0 Waste / 100% healthy food

What do I bring to the table?

  • I know which dev work can quickly happen and which design will take time
  • I can bring fresh insights to the design
  • I can participate and contribute to the business meetings
  • I can save you time and money
  • If as a manager, I can easily manage design and development team (because I know what and how to ask each team and bring the best to the product)

and many more…

with the understanding and expertise of different skill sets, unicorns should be able to develop deep empathy for the people they are working with. and consolidate Adaptability